Apple Heart Study App Reviews

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Almost started taking part. Needs a Page Back option.

Only two stars because I never really got going. The sign up process needs a Page Back option. I finally got notified that I could participate and started providing info. I saw a screen about access to camera and microphone but accidentally blew past that screen without reading the whole page. My only option was to give it access or Cancel. I clicked Cancel hoping it would let me start over so I could read everything. Instead I get the screen saying I’ll be contacted when they’re ready for me to participate. I’ll hope I won’t have to wait a few more months.

Can’t edit my information

I am a male but the app says I’m a female and there is no way to change it. You should be able to edit this.

Apple Watch

I downloaded the Heart App and cannot use it. It said that I needed Apple Watch series 1 or better.

First Apple Watch

Really, really too bad I have to spend another $300+ to participate in a groundbreaking heart study. Poor planning! Eliminates how many?

No update and bugs me on iPad

Darn program tells me to update for iPad, but it's not an iPad app

Wait, wait, wait

Signed up the day I got my Apple Watch. Waiting to be added to the study ever since, with no way to determine how long I’ll be waiting to be accepted. That’s fine if the wait is a few days, but it’s been weeks. This was a main reason I got the Watch. Apple, you have to give people waiting more information!

I like the idea that there will be an active heart study

However this app doesn’t actually download to my iPad Pro and yet it wants me to update it and it stays in the “update tab” on my iPad Pro and will not update. It’s annoying

Apple Dear

Vietnamese language support request


Won’t stay connected to Apple Watch 2.

Latest app update made the app non responsive

I have been in the study for about a month, but the latest update broke the app on my iPhone 8. I deleted it and reinstalled, but rather than it picking up where I was, it deleted all the data and had me reenroll


I was unable to get the app to open on my watch. It appeared but wouldn’t open. I tried removing app on phone and downloading again. Now the app is frozen and I can’t get beyond notifications page.

Need an iPad friendly version plz :)

Please let us know the timeline for offering an iPad version. Thx!

Don’t waste your time.

Downloaded the app signed up. And then nothing. Waiting for the study to be ready for me to participate. App deleted. Don’t waste your time.

App not showing on Apple Watch

iPhone app keeps telling me that the app is not installed on my watch. I never removed it once I installed it. Everything was fine a week ago. Now it’s no longer working


I downloaded this app to my iPhone and Apple Watch over a month ago. I've gotten no notification, despite it telling me to expect one on the only page that displays. I can't say whether the app is good or not because of this. But since I'm unable to do anything with it, I feel it deserves one star

iPad Update

Why does this show as an iPad update when it doesn’t support iPads?


I have had the Heart study app since it launched however, I am unable to get past the “wait until you receive a notification” screen. I am uncertain if this means I have an issue with the app or if I am in good heart health.

Solo para Estados Unidos

Solamente compatible para Estados Unidos, soy de Puerto Rico y no me deja usar la Aplicación.

Waiting for Notification

Is everyone else still waiting for the notification?

Didn’t work

Finally got a notification after over a month saying I’m invited to join the study, while agreeing to the terms and such it asked for access to microphone and I accidentally selected don’t allow and it closed out the app and then made me request to participate again and I’m assume it’ll take over a month to get invited again.

I really can’t comment...

I downloaded the app and answered the questions. I’m stuck at waiting for notification. Been so since the app was released. Maybe a better roll-out would be through Doctors- recommending candidates for the study rather than a lottery type system.


How long do I need to wait to get into this study. The waiting is making me think I don’t want this app anymore.

0 Stars for not doing anything.

I signed up for this study when I first heard about it. I haven’t received a notification that’s it’s ready and it’s been easily a month and a half. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, still nothing.

Never invited

Wish I could try this app...


The app accepted me the on the watch but the iPhone it just did not do anything.

iOS update breaks app

Installed app, waited for participation notification which did come after a week or so. Seemed to be working fine for several days. iOS update came along and now everything is back to the pending notification screen and has been for several weeks. Did try an uninstall/reinstall from cloud to see if it would cycle through without success.

Got a new phone, got kicked out of study

This seemed like a great idea. I signed up on day one, and shortly after I was invited into the study. Really liked the app and was excited to be a part of the study. I had been looking for something like this for a while. 5 stars. Then the new iPhone X came out and so I switched phones. Unfortunately, when I re-downloaded the Heart Study app, instead of remembering who I was, it went back to square one. Now I seem to be stuck in the “waiting for notification mode“ for several months. Not helpful. Not sure why I wasn’t welcomed back after having already being in the study. And this endless waiting is frustrating. They need better communication. My review will go back up to five stars if and when I’m actually able to participate again.

Been waiting since it came out

After signup, a message reads you will be notified when the “study is ready for you” In reality, i think it’s meant for older people. I’m 21 and would he considered “healthy” compared to a 42 year old dad with cholesterol.

Just bad experience

Such wasted potential. Putting people in an indefinite queue kills any excitement and is horrible app design (and possibly against Apples own guidelines?). If the resources aren’t available to handle “Apple” level of service, then don’t partner up. Someone dropped the ball big time on this. So much wasted data that could have been collected for good.

Lol @ these angry reviews

I’m laughing at all of these people who act like Apple owes them something. You request a notification. Wait for the notification, you impatient nonces. You want instant results? Cough up some cash and go to a cardiologist. Spoiled brats.

Working fine

Started 20 days ago and no issues. Have Watch 3.

Pointless app

Save time and space. All you do is go through and sign up then once you are all signed up it’s just says stay tuned. I have finally given up on this app

Still waiting for acceptance after a month

I was very excited to participate in this but my request for acceptance is still pending. Now I don’t know if there is some kind of issue or study is full. I would love to participate.

Still Waiting

Haven’t received the notification to start.

Lost all information after update

Back to square one with apparently nothing retained and waiting on notification again.


Been stuck on Notification Requested screen for three weeks.

Won’t Advance Beyond Acceptance Screen

Update - still not progressed beyond the welcome screen. I called and was told they are not yet collecting data on me, but I can see a screen for a second when I open the app that looks like data might be collected. The folks I spoke to said I will get a notification when it is ready. It’s been over a month. I have an Apple Watch V3. I have an IPhone 6. For more than 2 weeks I have been accepted into the study and I have notifications turned on. For one second when I open the app, I can sometimes see data, but not long enough to read it before it goes back to the screen that says I have been accepted into the study. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. I have shut it down, restarted it. I believe it is collecting data, I just can’t see it.

Not compatible?

Not sure why this app downloaded to my new iPad Pro, and let me register, but will not update, and gives me the message that it is not compatible with my device.

App reset after enrolling in je study

I installed the app and registered for the study. I received a notification that I’m enrolled in the study a few weeks later. the app worked well for several weeks. However, after recent iOS 11.2 update, the app has somehow reset itself. When I open the app now, it asks me to register again and all my previous data in health app is wiped out. This is a serious bug.

PEOPLE. It hasn’t started yet geeze

You sign up. That’s it. It hasn’t started yet. Me and everyone else I know just have “notification requested you’ll be invited to join when we are ready”. Also series 1 is not first generation. It came out with series 2. I have a series 3.

Got you

After down loading the App said my watch was to old. Have heart issues and thought it would be important to have . Got new watch, second screen I was never able to see with old watch said if I had Afib I was not eligible for the study. WHY was this info not on the first screen? Maybe to sell more watches?


I thought this was for people with afib if you have afib it won't let you join

Is AppleWatch Heart Rate Variance reliable?

My average heart rate variance is very low, like 25ms except just before waking up, it’s sometimes 50ms. I thought I was healthy for my age but these rates indicate I should be very worried about having a heart attack! Also don’t think the watch reads heart rate very accurate while running, it sometimes jumps up to 200 once or twice then jumps down. I think it’s worse when the watch is loose but it’s uncomfortable if I tighten it but will tighten while running. On AppleWatch forums have seen a few others agree with me regarding accuracy. Seems like this study is a waste of time and money! Maybe the doctors will call me for further study because they must think I’m near death!

Still waiting

How long does it take?! I signed up right away the day the app came out and still no notification what’s the hold up? Give people some idea on when they will get signed up

Notification when the study is ready....waiting

Like others it appears like either the study isn’t ready or they’re being selective who they accept. Pretty big fail for an app you touted in a keynote. I’ve had it for over 3 weeks and no change if I don’t see something soon I don’t think it deserves an install..

Apple Heart Study

Waiting three weeks I have not received the “notification requested” Why?????

Requirements are wrong

I bought an Apple Watch to run this app. I had afib just after my aortic valve replacement a month ago. I wanted to monitor my afib. I am on cumidin because of possible afib. But I don’t qualify for the study because of the cumidin. The qualifications in the App Store omit the “no cumidin” requirements. Thanks Apple for waisting my morning. And tomorrow morning to return the watch. Apple needs to revise their requirements!!!

Age requirement really ?

People of all ages have heart problems ! You have to be 22+ to participate in the study yet in order to install the app you have to be 17+ common apple really ? Get it together 🙄


Weeks later still waiting...

What happened

I was very excited about this study. I think it’s a great thing. But I downloaded the app, I was accepted, I answered all the questions and submitted them. But when I open the app now, I get the same notice that I was accepted and asked to go through the same forms. How do I find out where I stand? I am so very interested in participating in this study.

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