Apple Heart Study App Reviews

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1st gen

Doesn’t work, said serious 1 or later is required :/

Buggy. Won’t load onto Apple Watch.

This app doesn’t even load onto the watch. Tried deleting and downloading again. Still doesn’t work. Completely useless.


Why don’t you give qualifying requirements at the upload area. I didn’t like having to upload to find out that I can not participate. I am more then willing to for Participate with this study however I don’t qualify because I have Afib and take warfarin. I do thank you are helping with this study. ❤️😊

App / watch did not detect AFib

Apple Watch series 2 in combination with this app did not detect my AFib w RVR that occurred. In fact the watch couldn’t even get a heart rate reading while in AFib. No alerts, no alarms. Shoddy claims or technology. Either way, withdrew from study and uninstalled.

Would give zero stars if I could

** update** was able to finally join the study a couple of months ago. All seemed fine until On Wednesday last week my series 3 watch registered an elevated heart rate. Out of curiosity I went to heart study app to see if it registered the elevated rate. Well not only did it not, the app says there is no Apple Watch paired with the device. This is evidently wrong because I can see the watch is paired and everything works as it should as a paired watch and iPhone; all Workouts, notifications etc. Installed app on iPhone X. Enabled notifications. When I open app it says waiting for notification to join study. It’s been several days… maybe this is normal? But the most problematic thing is that heart rate readings from Apple Watch series 2 are not registering in activity app since the install. Other apps (Trails, map my run etc still capture and send heart rate info but inconsistently since the install. I’m uninstalling

iPad not compatible

When installed on my iPhone it also tries to install on my iPad. It should automatically know it cannot be installed on an iPad and automatically skip or automatically hide this app on the iPad.

Great peace of mind

I have had the app around a month and contributed many heart rate rhythms. This app has worked well for me. I had one notification that my heart rate was high while resting (around 120 I think), but I was actually rocking in a rocking chair and bumping my wrist on the arm with each rock! That’s the only time it’s picked up beats that weren’t actually beats. Otherwise, I feel like it’s super accurate and gives me great peace of mind that if I had an irregular rhythm, it would catch it. I’ve had some rhythm issues in the past, so this is great for me!

It really worked!!

Like many I was wondering if it really did anything with data, if you would be notified if something seemed irregular. Received a notice the other night stating I should call a doctor due to heart rhythm variation. The notice comes with a button to call their on call doctor. Was told I should go to the ER, didn’t tell me what kind of arrhythmia was suspected. I called on call doc at Cardiology clinic and was told the same thing. As I was leaving for ER heart study doctor called me to make sure I went. Only complaint was I was not told what arrhythmia detected. Ended up the visit was justified. I had several issues. So those of you wondering if there really is a person who receives notice of irregular rhythm and if you will be contacted. In my case it worked as advertised except for notice to be able to communicate info to doctor here.

I pad compatibility

App update in the iPad App Store halts all updates of other apps, and provides an error that the Heart Study app is not compatible with the iPad.


I’m al for helping out, but why does this app need access to my microphone and camera? 🤔

RE: Change the age to 21 please!

Here is why.. At the age of 19 I suffered a stroke and I have wanted to track my heart to see if it’s doing okay for the past 2 years.. if you could reach out to me at all that would be great

Sign up and done. BE PATIENT.

It took a while. Maybe a month or so after I signed up for it to process past the “notification requested screen”. Now it shows how many contributions I’ve made and how many days. Thankfully because if it showed more that would mean it detected some abnormal rhythm. I have an Apple Watch series 3.

Simple sign up process

I recently upgraded from a Fitbit Blaze to an AW3 and have really enjoyed the watch. I’m finding the health and exercise metrics so much more useful and realistic. I signed up for the heart study because I think it’s an awesome opportunity to participate in a study of this magnitude and importance. Kudos to Apple for doing this. Signup was a breeze and already contributing from day 1. It’s really a no brainer if you understand what it is and how it works. I’ll be watching for the study results next year and proud that I could play a (small) part.

Why do I have to be 22

I am 19 years old and I’ve had a full cardiac arrest, open heart surgery, and many other things. I found this app and thought it would be a great way to see what my heart is doing currently. But I can’t because I’m not 22. I’m not sure why you have to be that age. Considering what I’ve gone through, I’d like to keep track of my heart to see how it’s doing, but I can’t with this app just because of my age. So because of this it gets the rating I gave it.

Not sure if all my contributions are a good thing or a bad thing

No problems installing and using app. It’s great to be a part of a heart study. Just wish there was more information on these “contributions” I’ve been doing the study for over a month now and have had over a hundred “contributions”. That kind of sounds scary to have so many. But I don’t know what they mean. I just keep chugging along. Hopefully everything is a-okay since I haven’t received a notification to chat with a Dr.

Access to camera

Why ?

No data collected

Not sure why but this app hasn’t worked for me yet and it’s been 30 days since sign up!

Why so many bad reviews?

I read a few reviews and I honestly don’t know why so many people are complaining about this VOLUNTARY heart study. I signed up with ease, and when Apple was ready to collect my data I got a notification from the app, and it was a smooth process to set up. I’ve been involved in this study for 22 days now, and literally have no complaints. What is there to complain about? It runs on its own, you literally don’t do anything besides wear your Apple Watch (unless they detect something they need to address). Stop complaining people!!!! The public always finds something to complain about.

Not for people with irregular heartbeats!?

So let me get this are trying to test for A-fib, but if you have A-Fib you’re ineligible? I was hoping to finally have a solution to my issue at hand, only to be told “NOPE” right off the top. Please develop an app to alert for A-fib, that is for people with A-fib!!

Easy to use!

I’m very excited about the future possibilities with healthcare and the Apple Watch! I have been participating for a couple months now and most of the time I forget it’s even collecting data, until I see the app on my screen. I look forward to seeing what will be developed with this new information!

Error please read!!!!!!!!!!

In my bio it says I’m female. I’m not I’m a male.

This is not accurate

I downloaded this app but when I put in my statistics, the app would not recognize it. This app is a joke.

Cool idea, doesn’t work

It’s a neat concept but after the set up on the iPhone it won’t finish installing to the watch. I have tried to reset, uninstall, reinstall, etc. nothing works.

Heart App

Disappointed my wrist is ten inches no watch will fit me.:(

Would never load on my Apple Watch 3

Would get all the way through the sign up then get stuck in a loop about installing the app on my watch. Several uninstall and reinstall worth of tries later I gave up.

If it helps, I’ll share

I don’t think the requirements for sharing my personal data are too intrusive quite honestly. It’s the same data that I’ve shared with other studies, and the fact the data collected is so passive, I’m fine with it. Fact is, I’m an outlier in my entire family. I don’t have high blood pressure, and my cholesterol is not out of the considered range of healthy. My maternal grandfather has had triple bypass surgery, and my paternal male side are all on medication for high blood pressure or cholesterol. I’m in my mid 30s, so these should be issues by now, but they’re not. However, due to the struggles of my relatives, and dependencies upon medication, I feel compelled to share my heart data with this study. I hope it can help, and I’ll gladly share my vitals to any study that can possibly help in any deadly ailment. I sincerely hope this use of tech takes us to the next level of medicine...

Can’t get to work

I did the steps and consented but then it told me it was downloaded to my Apple Watch but I could from my watch app so I clicked it, got in the app watch it wasn’t there, searched for it and it went back to my main app on phone. Not sure what I am missing? Using iPhone X with latest upgrade and Apple Watch 2nd generation latest updates too! Thank you


Study is full, why do you still advertise?

Commercial use

If I thought for a second that The device that resulted from the study was not going to be left behind some sort of a wall I would be all in. But sadly this is nothing short of Apple attempting to make money off of us. I’m sure the device that results from this will be awesome but unfortunately it probably won’t be for all of us but rather just the people that can afford it.

Won’t install on Apple Watch 2

Have an Apple Watch 2 with Watch OS 4.2.3. App installs on phone, goes through setup, and then tells me I need to install the app on my watch. Looking through available apps on the watch, it’s not there to install. Looking in the watch menu, it’s not there to open. In the Watch App Store, it gives the option to open the app, but that just leads back to the phone app telling me to install the Watch app.

Compatible with Fitbit

It would be nice if this app compatible with Fitbit since I do not own an Apple Watch to paired with this app. Not only Fitbit, other company devices too.

Watch not supported.

Well I was going to help but I guess my watch being the first isn’t supported. Crap app idle you ask me. My watch has the pulse monitor so why can’t this work?

Doesn’t support original Apple Watch

All Apple Watch have heart rate sensors and Apple doesn’t allow this to work on original 1st gen Apple Watch , Apple doesn’t care if 1 st gem Apple Watch owners die of heart diseases

Why advertise if close?

Tried to sign up since it came up today when I opened the App Store. Got notice after I clicked it when it had loaded that it was closed. Why show it if you aren’t taking any more people?

Signed up. Never got chosen

Funny that Apple keeps pushing this app hard. I signed up the day it was announced (like many did I’m sure) and here I am months later still not chosen for the study. That’s fine if I don’t meet their conditions. But if they are that selective why keep pushing the app in everyone’s face to sign up?

Not working after iOS update

I was accepted into the study, waited a short time and then notified that data was being collected. My participation lasted about 8 days. After the IOS update 11.2.6 I opened the app and it is asking me to participate; there is no option to sign in, the app is treating me as a brand new user who wants to sign up. Disappointing.

90% installed (after it was working perfectly)

So I installed it and everything seemed to be fine. I participated. It even let me know. One message screen, been a while so I have no idea. Then the app uninstalled itself during an update and won’t reinstall. I’ve reset everything. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve swore at it and ignored it and generally just left it alone. But two weeks later I still cannot get the app to fully install beyond 90%. I officially give up.

Ok, I guess?

7 Days into the study it says I’ve sent 32 data contributions. But I guess that’s all I’ll ever know? You will only be notified if you have an irregular heart beat. Can’t give it 5 stars simply because it doesn’t tell me anything.

Still not sure what’s supposed to do

I was finally accepted into the research, it’s only been 3 days and I’ve contributed with some hearth rhythm data. However, I thought that with this app you would be able to see your heart rhythm data and the app would also warn/notify you if your heart rate is too high or too low at some point in the day... but no. When you open the app all it says is the number of data contributions and how long have you been in the study. That’s it. I wonder if I’m actually doing something or if they will warn me if they see that something is wrong... I thought this app would work completely different.

Idiots everywhere.

Have an Apple Watch Nike+ (S3). My heart rate is outside of the normal range, on the low side. I am able to contribute about 3 data points/day. The notification took about a month, but it works fine. 1 star reviews are from impatient imbeciles.


So the app update from Apple is not supported by my iPad?

The future is now

This is the future people! Get on board! This is a major advancement of research. The ability for people to opt into medical studies to help the rest of the world and the medical field advance their research. It makes sense that the the #1 selling smart watch in the world is at the fore front of medical research. You don’t see this stuff happening at google. Or with android. Apple is the tech leader in our future. And I plan on supporting it anyway I can.

Signed up at launch, still haven’t been able to use the app

I signed up for this app within the first week of its launch on the App Store, got to the page where I’m now waiting for acceptance into the program… and still nothing. I have the app on my iPhone and Apple Watch, but it still just tells me to wait for acceptance into the program. Eventually I’m just going to delete this app, because it does literally nothing just sitting there on my devices and being unusable.

Display Heart Recording Data

Display each heart measurement data. Listing the BPM for each entry (with the time recorded)

Not accepting new participants

I downloaded the ap, opened it, and only got a message that Study Enrollment Has Ended. Pull the app from the store if that’s the case

Does not install on Apple Watch

Hours and days have passed, deleting and reinstalling. The watch app doesn’t install. Pressing on install starts the install process, the install circle is closed, but it never completes. I have series two watch and 2.5 gb available on the watch.

I have AFib

Wish we could join too! Wouldn’t a study including us who have it be helpful?

Apple Heart App

Not able to open Heart Study app on my iphone 6 or on Apple watch

Really excited

I’ve been monitoring my heart rate already and am privileged to be a part of this study. I have heart rates as low as 33 and highs of 156 so it would be great to find out if there is an issue I need to be aware of.

Does work with Apple Watch 1

I have the Apple Watch 1 (loyal customer) and this app doesn’t work with it

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