Apple Heart Study App Reviews

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I can’t wait to see how this advances in the future!


Laying on the couch Friday night I went into afib and my watch notified me to seek medical attention. I went to the ER and I’m fine but I just want to say THANK YOU Apple.

Gender Change

I signed up as a female, went on the app a few weeks later showing as a male. Called the number in app stating the app reversed all gender nothing on an update. Other than the app runs in the back ground. I’ve contributed 264 rhythms in 44 days.

I’m surprised this doesn’t ask about weed usage

I feed weed affects my heart rate more than nicotine. Kinda interesting

Almost a five

The heart study app is amazing! I used this because I do have a heart condition just not congenital heart failure or afib. My doctor thinks this was a good idea to help me. The only issue I have which downgraded this to a 4, I’ve update to new phone and the app made me start back over from scratch. It did not move any info over from previous iPhone...

Cannot install on my Apple Watch

I thought this would be a great program and wanted to participate. However, the app does not install on my Apple Watch. I just updated OS and would it be the issue?


Almost nothing presented by the app makes any sense. I can’t find where, when or what the irregular heart beat reported happened! I called the Dr. as suggested but the message remains. I get an additional message to call but see no different results except days in study. When I called the Dr. she apparently had no information either because I was quizzed on when irregular heartbeats had occurred. I’m not even sure what the app considered as irregular! I’m happy to participate but it sure would help to have some information to work with!

Could save a life

My dad has A-fib and detected it early before a stroke or worse, this could help others detect it too

Seems to work smoothly

I received the invite via email and followed the steps provided. Within a couple minutes I was enrolled and have had no issues for the first month I’ve been on it. As an EMT, I really like that Apple is working to further their tech into the health field. Early detection is vital to heart health. Being able to detect arrhythmias and other stress types would be an enormous stride. Using Apple Watch 2 and iPhone X.

Can’t download to watch

Hello, downloaded app to my phone but unable to down load to watch

App won’t open on my iPhone are watch

I have followed all directions to download and install the app. I answered all the questions and signed my consent everyplace required. When I try to use the app, it tells me that it is not installed then takes me to the screen to install it. I get the notification to open versus to download the app. I push open and I get the same message saying that the app is not downloading. I wish there were a way to get in contact with a support person in order to have this fixed as I would like to take part in the study

Do you know what a study is?

I don't think many people understand how a study works. If you are looking for constant heart feedback this isn't the app for you.


Study has been open approx 2 weeks. My app has crashed 3 times. Your data is lost and must enroll all over again. Sad how Apple has failed over the last 5-7 yrs with their devices and software bugs.


I’ve been in the study 24 days and have contributed 174 times. When I got the invitation I signed up immediately and had no troubles enrolling. After a week in I did have an issue with my watch battery dying within a couple hours and sorta getting hot. I powered my watch down and it fixed it. Now I turn it off and on once a week so it doesn’t do that again. I haven’t gotten any notifications of problems which I’m taking as a good sign.

If you are 18 you can’t use it.

If you are 18 years old you can not participate in this study.

Pretty Epic

By participating you’re helping Stanford and Apple build better products for us all. It lets Stanford gain valuable information which could help it discover more cures for all of us. It’s a great idea and I’m happy to be a part of it.

So easy

Happy to be apart of this study for future generations. It’s also a bit of a security for me being that real professionals are closely reading data to get ahold of YOU if they think something is wrong. I smoke and am quitting atm also drink but not stopping that. I was accepted into this study immediately. It doesn’t drain my watch battery nor does it give much insight on what triggered my heart rhythm data to be collected but I’m leaving that in their hands for the better. As long as I’m fine 🙂. No issues. I’d recommend this app/study to everyone.


Ever since I signed up for this I’ve been flooded with spam calls.

App crashes

I have the iPhone X with iOS 11.3.1 and Apple Watch series 3 with watchOS 4.3. The app Download it on the phone perfectly, but on the Watch is downloaded and will not load... please fix this glitch!! I do want to be apart of this study

How long is the study?

How long does the study last?

My Series 1

It doesn’t work for my watch. Not sure if the series 1 I have was made before Fall of the release year... regardless, it lacks whatever is needed for tracking heart health. Completely useless if you ask me. I don’t need a watch to tell me my heart rate. I don’t need a watch to tell me I’ve been working it for the 30 minutes that is require. I hoped this watch could track my heart health. The only reason I got this thing... oh well. Perhaps I will put it on sale.


It’s a fantastic opportunity that everyone should take advantage of. It’s very beneficial to everyone. The only down side is it KILLS your watch battery to the point where I had to leave the study. I couldn’t even make it throughout the day.

Cannot detect paired Series 3 Watch

When I open the app on my iPhone X, it says “Apple Watch Required”, despite the Heart Study app being installed on my Series 3 Apple Watch and paired to my iPhone X. I’ve deleted the Heart Study app and reinstalled, but this did not resolve the issue above.

not working on my watch

been downloading this for 2 weeks already and still cannot fully download on my apple watch series 3.

I want to use it. But it just shows loading....

I’ve downloaded it after my email. Now on my watch app it just shows the loading circle for the past 2 weeks now?

Should be compatible with all ages

This is a great idea but it should be compatible with all ages because not all heart defects are with people over 22. It could start and heart burn at the age of 10 or 17 and by the time they get s heart check up it could be too late. So all ages should be able to participate.

It was working.

Everything was fine until I purchased a new watch. Now the phone app won’t acknowledge the watch by saying I need a watch, while the app on my watch tells me go to the phone app to get started. I’ve deleted and reinstalled on both devices which did nothing. Sooooo yeah. Not working.

Can’t get past weight and height

Can’t enroll because can’t get beyond step 5

Doesn’t load on Apple Watch

I set up my account on my phone answered all questions and it has been almost a week now and it still has not loaded or connected to my watch. The icon is there on watch, I can click on it but says go back to your phone and download app on phone then phone app. says go upload on watch it’s pointless.

Unable to download to watch

Was able to Dow load to iPhone X but cannot down to watch and each time I’ve uninstalled it the outcome doesn’t change. Just a repeat of please Download the watch app but the store only takes me to the phone app.

Cant see data

It says that you can see the data it College’s about you but it won’t allow me to see anything. I have 12 events in 4 days. I’d like to see what it knows so far. Thinking seriously about uninstalling and revoking my authorization.

Not working

I downloaded the app on my phone. It then instructed me to download the app on my watch. I press the buttons provided to go to the Apple Watch app and there’s way to download the app on my watch. I have tried everything. It’s not working.

Disappointed that I can’t view my data

The app works just fine, and was easy to download and use. That said, I get that the user experience isn’t really the point of this. Obviously it’s primary purpose is to collect data for a scientific study being conducted in conjunction with Stanford. But I was disappointed I don’t have any way at all to view my own data that’s being sent over. I am fine with no remuneration for my participation in this, but allowing me to view my own data would seem to be a small, easily accomplishable way to entice a user to remain in the study.

My friend this apps


Not working

Keeps saying Apple Watch required. I would love to sign up... I’ll keep trying.

No App on my Watch

I’m really interested in joining this study but the watch app will not load and iPhone app will only tell me to open the watch app. @appleheartstudy please help

❤️ Peace of Mind and it’s Free ❤️

Even though this is a study, I’m comforted knowing that I will be notified if something abnormal occurs with my heart. My only fear now is something happening while my watch charges!

Worth it for a just in case moment

I’ve only had this for a few days but I wanted to share. I’m 28 and I’m really good health but I decided to try this after I got the email and decided it is worth it for a just in case moment. My body may have an issue I don’t know about and this can monitor that. Especially if something changes drastically all of a sudden in my body (which has happened before). I am hopeful I never have to actually use it but I recommend this as a just in case even if you think you won’t need it. You never know and it’s better to be safe and alive than safe and dead. :)

Installed 9 May, 2018

I had no problems at all installing the app on my Apple Watch series 3, and completing the participation process.

Why only healthy people?

I downloaded the app and installed it on my phone. I attempted to sign up, but then there was a list of requirements that needed to be met. The list indicated only those people WITHOUT AFib or Atrial Flutter could sign up. Why? I would think Apple and Stanford Heart would want people who suffer from either of these afflictions to participate.

Battery Life Issue

I've read most of the reviews and found serveral users with the same issue I'm having. After installing this app and being accepted into the study, my battery usage has skyrockted. I would typicaly see battery life usages of 15-20% per day. Now it's over 90% in the same period of time.

I’d like to like it but.....

I can’t install it on my watch. I went through everything to set it up and it’s stuck at a screen saying to install on my Apple Watch. I followed the instructions in the watch App Store but it just opens the main app again and I get stuck in a circular pattern..... did anyone QA this install?!?!


Downloaded iOS app which works fine. However the Watch (Series 2) app never showed up. So why did Apple send me an email invitation if the Study is closed?

Heart study

I set everything up but could not find how to install the Watch portion. The install on the Watch portion didn’t show up for about 25 or 30 minutes

Great idea but app won’t open

Signed up, went through the questions, now it keeps telling me to install the app but it is installed. Now what?

Could not enroll :(

I have an irregular heart rate and I regularly use my watch to monitor it. I just received an email saying I was invited to the study within an hour ago but when I downloaded and oopened the app I was disappointed to find that are no longer adding people to the study. I hope they can expand it in the future

More information.

I love the idea of this study, however, I believe that the times our data has been collected we should be able to see the data itself like the heart rhythm, rate, etc.

Wonderful idea! I wish I could use it

This app is a great idea, but I think it would be good if you could track people under 22 because we have hearts too. I was interested in seeing how healthy my heart was until it told me I had to be 22. I’ll probably forget about the app by the time I am at the age requirement.

Camera and microphone access required

If you don’t agree to granting access to your camera and microphone, you cannot participate in the study. I thought Apple’s privacy policies would prevent apps like this from mandating such access. I deleted the app after rejecting this requirement.


Got an invite to join the survey and was on-boarded within minutes. No issues with the app or sign up process. Camera and Mic permissions are only used for doctor calls if it’s ever needed, that’s clearly stated. For those looking for detail on their heart rhythm data, remember it lives in the Apple Health app, which everyone can access in iOS, not the Heart Study app. This app only tracks contributions and provides a gateway for a doctor to contact you if an abnormal event is measured.

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